Food Photography in Malta

If you are opening a new restaurant or just updating the menu of a current restaurant great photography will showcase your food to entice the locals? Neil Boyd Photography is an expert in food photography. He has worked with many world-renowned chefs, restaurant’s. restaurant groups and hotels.

Photographing cuisine is all about showing potential customers what they can expect if they dine at your establishment. One of the first things people look for when they’re trying to decide on a place to go to dinner is photos of the food on the restaurant’s website. It is important that you have food photography that really shows the quality of the food you sell.

With food photography, it’s important to show not only the unique and delicious recipes your restaurant has to offer, but it’s about showing the customer what kind of experience they’ll have when they dine with you.

As well as photographing food Neil also has vast experience photographing the architecture of the restaurant and also chef’s and staff preparing and cooking food.

Neil’s food and food prep photography was recently featured on the hot American TV show – Beat Bobby Flay.

His food photography has also been featured in many culinary magazines and website and he was given a 16-page spread in the prestigious Art Culinaire book, which most established chef’s aspire to be featured in.

Food and restaurant photography projects are usually shot on location at the restaurant.

Pricing is quoted per job, depending on the complexity of the shoot and the customers’ needs.

For more information, please contact Neil today at (+356) 9914 4231 or via email.